• Adresa: Dusíkova 824/5, Lesná, 638 00 Brno
  • Osoba: Anna Lukáčová
  • Email: lukacova@majak-brno.cz
  • Telefon: 548 221 566
  • Web: majak-brno.cz

Maják, nadační fond

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Maják is a Christian organization associated with the Wesleyan Church. It is located in Lesná-Brno in order to provide quality English classes, English camp, outdoor sports facilities, a childrens playground, and rental spaces.

We provide a clean, fun, and friendly place where people can meet together. We also offer an open place to discuss the Bible and Jesus for those who are interested.


English camp 2023

Letní tábor Majáku 2023 se bude jmenovat LOST IN TIME.

English camp UPSIDE DOWN 2022

Letní tábor Majáku 2022 se bude jmenovat UPSIDE DOWN (nebo možná naopak ).